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Description Find more than 300 delicious raw vegan recipes! Discover new dishes with the chance to add your own photo to the recipes, easy-to-use shopping lists, and user ratings. Do you want to eat more raw foods, but are unsure what to make? Are you looking for new raw recipe ideas? Would be easier for you looking for your favourite raw recipe while you are at the supermarket? Here you can find your answers, healthy and easy delicious raw recipes that include everything from dressings to desserts and beverages to incorporate into your daily life. We also have families and we cook up everyday for us and our children, we started to share among us the recipes and variants we used to un-cook, so we could improve our “cookbook”. Here you can find the recipes we tested for years. Raw Food Diet is amazing, you know, and you deserve to look and feel great, it doesn't have to be stressful, not with this app helping you! Now it's time to meet your new favorite raw cookbook personalized with your own photos! What you get with this app: - Over 300 raw vegan recipes, with more added in different categories Your device will be automatically updated with all our latest recipes. - Simple raw food cuisine: delicious and so easy to prepare, anyone can do it! - Choose by dish category: dressings, spreads and dips, main courses, desserts and others. - Choose by Ingredient: search for what you have on hand or what you are looking to buy. - Choose by rating score. Yes, you can also rate recipes, so you can quickly identify your very favourites. - you can add photos of your culinary masterpieces directly using either your iPhone/iPod camera or archived photos/images. --No internet connection required. - If your friends do not have this amazing app, you can send them your favourite raw recipe via email straight from the app. -Shopping is made easy by saving a shopping list for any recipe, directly from recipes with a tap. - You can also set the timer to stop dehydrating at the right time. *** NOTE: Please contact us at with any questions, issues, or feature suggestions. We're here to help you make your raw food life style as effortless as possible!*** Feel free to send us your culinary photos or your recipes via email straight from the app so we can publish it, or visit Remember to send us your name too, because if we feature your recipe, we’ll name it after you.

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