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Author Valerio Lo Giudice
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Description Assistant Coach is the app for basketball coaches to manage teams, players, games and practices! You can add all your teams and manage them, adding players info, photo, and game's performance; the app will calculate all the total stats for every single player automatically. Add your practice plan and exercise, describing the exercise and drawing whit your fingers the clipboard. You can also export your practice plans to PDF and send it via email, print with AirPrint, or import it with iTunes File Sharing on your computer. You can also record a video of your players performing your practice exercise. Add games result, and the performance of avery single player, the app will calculate for you player's individuals stats and team's total stats, and you can export the game and players stats to PDF. Functions: Teams - Add team name and season. - Add team's photo. - Manage your team practices, players and games. Practices - Add a new practice with description and date. - Add a new exercise to your practice plan with exercise description, note, duration and video. - Draw with your fingers the exercise clipboard. - Take the player's presence at practice. - EXPORT practice plan to PDF, send it via email, import to your computer via iTunes File Sharing, or print with AirPrint. - Record a video of your players performing the practice for every exercise (available on iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S). Players - Add a new player with name, number, date of birth, height, weight, and role. - Add player's photo. - Consult the player's presence at practices, how many time he was a starting five, and total stats. Games - Add a new game with game result, opponent team, game type and notes. - Add game with no score as scheduled game. - Add the starting five. - Add players individual performace for a game, and the app will calculate the team's total stats. - EXPORT game and platers total stats to PDF, send it via email, import to your computer via iTunes File Sharing, or print with AirPrint. E-MAIL: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

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