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Description ★★★ Free for a limited time ★★★ SportsCam brings cutting edge sports video motion analysis technology to your finger tips. There is no need for expensive motion analysis software that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. SportsCam brings similar functionality to your iPhone/iPod for a fraction of the cost. As a professional athlete or an amateur looking to improve your game, you can utilize SportsCam to video record and analyze your biomechanics. As a coach, you can provide expert coaching feedback to your athletes that will enable them to win. How does SportsCam help achieve these goals? SportsCam supports video recording and exceptional 1-30 FPS slow motion playback that enables detailed investigation of your technique. With two quick and easy steps, you can perform side-by-side video comparison against model videos to further refine the athlete's skills. Touch drawing tools, such as lines and circles help analyze the athlete's technique. SportsCam also supports text/audio memos and several video sharing options via email/YouTube/Facebook. A summary of features in SportsCam is as follows: ★ EXCEPTIONAL SLOW MOTION video capability to review your tricks … Use SportCam's unmatched slowmo capability to vary the video playback speed from 30 frames per second to 1 frame per second to review every part of your sporting move. Just swipe your finger to forward and rewind the video sequence. And use the touch screen drawing tools to draw analysis guides, such as lines and circles to analyze and improve your moves. ★ EXCLUSIVE VIDEO RECORDING options … Use the built-in countdown timer to start self recording (video camera required). Then record your video … move 1, pause, move 2, pause, move 3 and so on. Then stop the recording and tap to select the one or multiple segments that you want to analyze. You can also import your existing videos from your device's photo library. ★ POWERFUL COMPARISON features to compare your technique against model videos from pros … Compare two videos side-by-side or overlaid on top of each other with adjustable transparency. And SportsCam does smart auto-syncing that simplifies analysis … so you don't have to sync the videos time and time again. ★ TEXT & AUDIO NOTES to record and provide feedback … Add textual notes, record audio memos for each part of your video. Easily export these via email to yourself or your friends. ★ HOWTO VIDEOS fed by YouTube … HowTo videos on the SportsCam YouTube channel are rendered within the app for easy viewing. Create a playlist of your favorite tips and tricks, and have it ready when you need it most without leaving the app. ★ SHARE your videos … Share your videos to Facebook, YouTube or via Email. Why wait? Use SportsCam now for more effective coaching.