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Description Neon: What Will Yours Say? With iOS4, say it directly on your home screen! (3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3G). Version 3.0 is also HD 640*960 ready! The Worlds #1 Bestselling Wallpaper Creator/Customiser is an Apple UK Staff Favourite, and a Macworld 4/5 review! ( Create personalised home & lock-screen background / wallpaper (or Contacts graphic), without the need for any graphics editing. As of version 2.0, it's not just Neon effects!! Place your own text on top of the backdrop (your name, your number, a contacts name if using for a contact graphic, or indeed anything else you can think of!); with 20 backdrops that are dynamically updated at regular intervals (or use your own photos and images from your Photo Library), 160 static built-in backdrops, 30+ fonts, 20 font colours, and 18 font effects (including the original Neon), there are literally hundreds of thousands of combinations you could create. Preview the result, and if you're satisfied, save it to your Photo Library and then set it as your wallpaper (or alternatively use it as a Contact graphic so you see it when that contact calls you). You can also email the image straight from the application out to any contact/email address. Neon requires an active internet connection, either EDGE/Wireless/3G for iPhone, or Wireless for iPod touch. For the best results, use a wireless connection (as opposed to 3G). The new dynamic backdrop picker feature requires Wireless and will be disabled without it. Internet connectivity is required as the custom images are generated server-side, and the amount of high-res images available to choose from would not be possible in a standalone App. As well as being able to use your own photos, you can of course use third party background / wallpaper applications (e.g. 'Backgrounds') to download any wallpaper you like, but still have the ability to customise it using Neon. Please note that any data (e.g. images) uploaded to the CreateNetworks servers is regarded as confidential and will not be disclosed to any party - CreateNetworks are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and therefore conform to the Data Protection Act in the UK, which applies to uploaded data from all over the world. 20 new backdrops will be added dynamically at least twice a week, if not sooner (no need to update the application), and new features will be added as updates. *** To those asking how to create the 'Ben Chapman' screenshot, create a 'Ben' image, save it, then use that in the 'Pic' tab and overlay the 'Chapman' using a slightly offcentre y-offset. *** To the reviewers who are 'concerned' about the data upload aspect, there is NO NEED to be, the UIDs passed are only used to uniquely identify the images when it comes to serving them down back down to the devices (with over 6 million images created so far, each image needs to have a unique name to tie it to the device). We are upfront, the reasons for it are genuine, and we are compliant with the UK DPA.