Author MacPhun
Price $10.00

Get creative with FX Photo Studio. Over 170 photo effects and filters to make your photography event more amazing.

★ 172 high quality effects and filters (analog, vintage, art, sketches, tilt-shift and many more)

★ One of the best variety of photo effects among photo applications

★ Masking and Color splash tools

★ Possibility to apply multiple effects to one image

★ Access to your iPhoto and Aperture albums

★ Intuitive user interface

★ Sharing via most popular social networks


Combine and layer any of the 172 effects to create the perfect looking image. A completely customizable interface allows you to preview each effect, compare original and resulting images, label favorites and even save combinations of effects as presets.

You can apply as many filters to one image as you like, save mixes of effects to presets and even share these presets with other photographers around.

The new masking and color splash tools allow you to apply effects and colors to a part of the image only, giving even more creative freedom to your photography. Categories of effects include: Lo-Fi, Grunge, Art, Sketch, SFX, Hollywood FX, Cross Process, Vintage, and more


Created by usability and photography professionals, FX Photo Studio’s user interface ensures that editing your photos can’t get any easier.

With a click or two, you can apply and customize effects, access all editing tools, apply random effects, preview original and resulting image, import images from Aperture or iPhoto, share photos via social networks and more.


• Import pictures from Aperture or iPhoto library

• Load images from any folder on your Mac or digital camera

• Export images in a variety of formats to iPhoto or folders on your Mac

• FX Photo Studio supports image resolution up to 16 mega-pixels

★ FX Photo Studio PRO★

If you are looking for more pro editing tools, support of RAW files and resolution up to 32 megapixels, check FX Photo Studio PRO. In addition to 172 photo effects and filters, FX Photo Studio PRO features over 20 editing tools to enhance your images even further. Those include: sharpen, noise reduction, color balance, light levels, exposure, brightness, saturation, shadows, highlights and more.

★FX Photo Studio for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad★

For a quick image editing on-the-go, check FX Photo Studio for iOS. Most of the great features from desktop version inside stylish, intuitive user interface, designed specifically for iOS device.

Disclaimer from the developer of FX Photo Studio software: “FX Photo Studio was created and beta tested by a team of dedicated professionals, including developers, designers, and photographers. FX Photo Studio gives you a lot and lets your creativity truly blossom. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. Always glad to hear from you” – Paul Muzok, CEO of MacPhun LLC.