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Description Trilogy Touch is thrilled to offer our second application in this timeless series, Harold at the North Pole! The perfect application to celebrate the greatest time of year for every family, Harold at the North Pole allows your child to participate in a fun and unique holiday tale. It’s up to Harold and your child to make sure Santa is ready for his big journey! About the book: There's nothing Harold can't create with his purple crayon--and that's just why children have loved his magical world for decades. Crockett Johnson wrote several other books about Harold after the original Harold and the Purple Crayon in 1955, each one tracing different themes--from Harold at the circus to Harold on Mars. This time the imaginative young artist takes his purple crayon on a search for a Christmas tree. He finds himself at the North Pole just in time to help Santa who is snowed in with his reindeer, his sleigh, and all the toys. Harold's purple crayon to the rescue! About the application: Harold needs your help to tell the story! Each page of the story allows children to color-in Harold’s drawing, bringing the scene to life in beautiful animation. And that’s when the real exploration begins! Fun and surprising interactions are waiting to be found on every page! The Harold and the Purple Crayon comes complete with multiple story modes. -Touch Tale is the signature mode where your interaction and exploration are required to tell the story. -Read to Me is a narrated version of the story where children can follow along, focusing on vocabulary building and word recognition. -Tutorial teaches the basic tools which allow your child to find all the fun surprises. Harold and the Purple Crayon application also comes with a Digital Signature feature, allowing your child to enter and see their name displayed on the main menu! Acclaim for our first application, Harold and the Purple Crayon: USA Today - Gives Harold 4 of 4 Stars and says, "This is one of the finest book apps for the iPad!" Best Kid Apps - "This lovely app is a Best Kid favorite that belongs on the digital bookshelf of every iPad-owning parent." Common Sense Media - Gives Harold 5 of 5 Stars! Wonderful adaptation allows kids to "be" Harold's crayon. The New Yorker – Harold and the Purple Crayon is a Natural and has cool features as an iPad App. Media Bistro – Harold and the Purple Crayon Rules the Apple App Store Top iPad list in iTunes. Pad Gadget – Timeless classic children’s story comes to interactive life. The richest most interactive digital storybook of its kind.

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