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Plug-and-play installation The easy set up process allows you to integrate WD Sentinel into your office network like a pro. The administration dashboard quickly guides you through the process of adding users, setting up data access, creating shared folders and scheduling backups. Easy administration The LCD display panel on the front of the device allows you to monitor the system status and critical alerts. Ongoing maintenance is minimal and the dashboard provides a full view into the health of the system. Low cost of ownership WD Sentinel offers cost effective, data protection for your small office environment. It includes the software you need to protect up to 25 client computers in your network and unlike other products in this category, you don't need to purchase additional backup software licenses for each additional computer. Comprehensive data protection WD Sentinel offers comprehensive data protection for your small office network with WD's enterprise-class WD RE drives, RAID levels 1 or 5, automatic backup and restore, dual gigabitethernet ports, an optional backup power supply and optional off-site disaster recovery services. User serviceable To replace or add a drive, just open the door and swap out the drives. WD Sentinel does the rest. It seamlessly migrates the server to the appropriate RAID level and automatically expands the server's storage capacity with no down time. As your business grows you can also increase your storage capacity without

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