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Announcing the Pro version of our video and music converter, Smart Converter - the Worldwide Number 1 free app in July 2011!

Smart Converter Pro gives you batch processing, control over file locations and iTunes integration, notifications, queue management and advanced options.

Smart Converter is quite simply the smartest and most efficient converter out there.

Smart Converter Pro builds on the runaway success of the Smart Converter engine and gives you more control over your conversions than ever before. Smart Converter Pro provides faster, higher quality conversions than most existing converters.

It’s simple to use - drag your video or audio files onto Smart Converter Pro, select an output format and convert. Smart Converter Pro analyses your files and preserves as much of the originals as possible, optimising conversion speed and quality.

Smart Converter Pro handles hundreds of file types and converts to all your favourite formats. It will also add your converted files to iTunes.


NOTE: With Smart Converter Pro we were required to remove VOB file support. VOB files come from DVDs. If you don't know what a VOB file is, don't worry. Smart Converter Pro will work just fine.


Going Pro


Smart Converter Pro offers a bunch of new advanced features to make your media conversion tasks quicker and smarter:

* Batch processing - queue up and convert as many files as you like in one go

* File info - easily view the key details of any media file in the queue

* Set destination - you decide where you converted files go

* Easily repeat conversions to different output formats

* Decide whether to send converted files to iTunes

* Notifications on completion

This is just the beginning for Smart Converter Pro. We will be constantly adding more advanced options and settings to allow you to take complete control of your conversions.

Why So Smart?


When you drop a media file into Smart Converter Pro and choose a conversion type, it immediately analyses your file and works out exactly what part of it needs to be converted to achieve the desired output.

In many cases neither the video nor the audio need converting. In some cases just one or the other need converting, and in a few cases both will need converting.

Doing this analysis ensures Smart Converter Pro only converts stuff that needs converting, and leaves the rest alone. This has a two-fold advantage over many other converters; it's usually very fast and maintains the highest possible quality of video and audio.