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Description This free BoomBoom! app is dedicated to Everyday Boom Boom! ---------------------------------------- What is Everyday Boom Boom!? You ever been absolutely sure you were going to get a parking ticket? You just KNOW the meter’s run out and you’re hustling to your car to get there in time. But, you get there and, voila!  Magically, you still have time! You pause a sec, you know you didn’t get the meter time wrong. Then it occurs to you: someone dropped a couple coins in there to save you a parking ticket. THAT is Everyday Boom Boom! It’s absolutely any type of underground (or above ground, for that matter) act of guerilla goodness that you or someone else performs. This app is the place to shout out, acknowledge, give props and otherwise celebrate those acts of guerilla goodness. ---------------------------------------- Why an app for that? Look around. Do you feel it? There’s an uprising of guerilla goodness happening this very minute. Everywhere you look, people are committing radical acts of kindness for others. Perhaps you’ve even been a victim of some clandestine kindness yourself? This app is all about reporting it. We call it Boom Boom! Why? Because like a boomerang, whatever we put out in the world comes back to us. And, here’s the truth: the more good we see, the more there will be. ---------------------------------------- How do I use this app? The next time you witness something cool or are the recipient of someone else’s kindness, just snap a picture, tell the story of what happened and upload it to the Everyday Boom Boom! stream. It will appear as the latest post on the iphone app to inspire and make all the other mobile users smile. Additionally, it will also post to the “Good Stream” in the online Boom Boom! Cards website community. Not sure what that’s about? Read on... ---------------------------------------- What is the Boom Boom! Cards website? How does the app work with it? The Boom Boom! Cards website is where you play Boom Boom! Cards, a physical deck of 26 cards you can purchase, each with an act of guerilla goodness on it (like, “Buy a stranger a cup of coffee”). You play the card in real life (do the action), post your story and then pass the card on to a friend to play it forward. Because each card has its own unique tracking code, every time it’s played it shows up on the website’s map and you get notified; you can actually follow where your one act of kindness travels, who’s impacted by it and what happened each time! The EBB! app displays posts from both the website as well as the mobile posts so you can keep up with all the good that’s happening out in the world whether it’s through Boom Boom! Cards or Everyday Boom Boom! ---------------------------------------- Tell me more about these Boom Boom! Cards! There are four editions (Original, Teen, Family & Green), each has a deck of 26 cards with intentional acts of guerilla goodness on them for you to play and inspire others to play forward. Read more about the cards here

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