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Description App Store just named Calorie Counter the best of the iPad Health & Fitness category in App Store Rewind 2011 in the US! ✭✭✭ The best app to take care of your health! Perfect for various goals – weight loss, weight gain or keeping fit. ✭✭✭ Ultimate food database – more than 400,000 items with precise data on all most important parameters ✭✭✭ The app will automatically calculate your needs for the intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients ✭✭✭ Create your own diets and physical activity plans ✭✭✭ Body Tracker allows registering the changes of your body parameters and tracking the progress with the help of colorful graphs ✭✭✭ Automatic data synchronization between devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) ACHIEVING GOALS - Set your own goals for weight loss, weight gain or keeping fit and achieve them step by step - Set your own limitations for the intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients - Control the consumption of unhealthy ingredients - Create your own diets and physical activity plans - Your objectives are clearly presented in form of daily plans NUTRITION & EXERCISES - Over 400,000 food items conveniently sorted by category (product type, restaurant, brand, manufacturer) + you can add your own dishes to the database - More than 50 000 recipes + the ability to create your own - Quick search and saving of foods to Favorites - An extensive list of activities with info about burned calories and the ability to add your own activities - Metric and imperial measurement systems RESULTS & STATISTICS - Detailed registration of your body parameters in the Body Tracker - Take and save your photos in the app for better tracking of your body changes. - Monitoring of the most important health parameters – your mood, water consumption, blood pressure and blood sugar. - Detailed statistics on the changes of all parameters in colorful graphs UNIQUE FEATURES - Live Support - turn to our Live Support with your questions right in the app and get professional advice - Barcode Scanner – helps you quickly add food to the database - Automatic calculation of the Body Mass Index (BMI) - Use the app on iPhone, iPod and iPad – all the data is saved and synced automatically NOTE#1: you need to be connected to the Internet to be able to log data. NOTE#2: We really appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to your reviews on the App Store. Please, contact us directly from our support page if you have any questions. Many thanks!

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