Current Version Version: 2.0.4 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author ANDESigned, LLC
Price $5.00
Description Picked by Apple as a Staff Favorite. Total Baby is the #1 Baby logging and tracking application on the App Store. It will help you log and time all aspects of your child’s care through a smart and sleek interface that makes tracking easy and fun. It is the must-have high-tech accessory for Parents. Inspired by my own family, I built this application from the ground up to support multiple children (especially twins) with unmatched features on any computing platform. Total Baby will help answer important questions, such as how old was my child when they had their DTaP shot? Or when the baby’s last feeding or doctor visit was. *** FEATURES *** Total Baby combines 13 separate timing, tracking, and logging functions into a single complete solution. TIMING & TRACKING: Diapers, Nursing, Bottles, Solids, Sleeping, Bath, and Other (8 Timers / 9 single events like medicine are built-in or create your own.) LOGGING: Diary, Milestones, Doctor Visits, Growth, Vaccines, and Allergies ------------- MAIN SCREEN: - Complete summary of your child's day grouped by time (Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening). - The amount of time since the last timed start or end date (selectable via preference setting) for each event. - Your child's current age, days until their next birthday, and their most recent photo. - Edit or Delete any entry without leaving the main screen. - Change the start time, description or notes of active timers. - Jump to any date using arrow buttons or a date picker. - Tap the "Export Data" button for E-Mail or Sync/Backup/Restore. TIMERS: (All timers will automatically stop in case you get too busy to remember to turn it off) - Diapers - Feeding (Nursing / Bottles / Solids - fluid and solid selection changes dynamically based on the child's age) - Sleeping - Bath Time - Other (Create your own timer or single events like Medicine or Temperature) ENTRIES: (The baby's age is shown for every entry) - Diary and Milestones (Add photos with the built in camera or use previously saved photos) - Doctor Visits (Grouped by Past and Future Appointments) - Growth (Weight, Height & Head Percentiles and Charts 0-36 months with CDC or WHO datasets) - Vaccines (Pre-loaded with vaccine description and information) OTHER FEATURES: - Holds Unlimited Data. - iOS 4 Multitasking and iPhone 4 Retina Display. - Includes 147 built in descriptions and timer events to get you started, these are fully customizable and you are able to create your own. - Sync between iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad over local Wi-Fi. - All Entries have a note and title field and all Timers have a note and fast description picker to quickly add repetitive information such as where your baby slept or how you held the baby during nursing. - Add Past or Future entries (switch to Year picker mode to make older dates even easier to enter) in addition to using the timers to record current events. - Support for 6 children with an innovative dual timer display which automatically detects twins or multiples (via a preference setting). - Promotion of proper alternate side nursing with both visual cues (safety pins) and automatic Start (alternate) side functionality. - Backup / Restore your important data over local Wi-Fi and a computer browser. - Ability to enter in the Expected Due Date of your child so you can start using Total Baby right away. Total Baby will show the amount of days left till the baby is born. - Automatic Conversion between all units of measurement: Bottle: mL & oz Weight: kg, lb & lb+oz Length: cm, in & ft+in - Export data via E-Mail (Text / CSV) with an extensive amount of customization which will adapt the output to best match the data types selected. View the demo video at our website:

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