Current Version Version: 1.1.3
Author Sightera Technologies ltd
Price Free
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Description Magisto turns plain old videos into beautifully edited Movies, automatically! With Magisto, your iPhone becomes the smartest video camera in the world - Shooting video and editing it automatically, in minutes. Simply shoot videos on your iPhone or select them from your camera roll, choose a soundtrack, add a title, and let Magisto do the hard work of turning your videos into Movies while you sit back and relax. When your Magisto Movie is done you can share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or email and impress them with your newfound crazy video editing skillz! You decide if you want to reveal your secret... ;-) How does it work? Magisto uses revolutionary technology that actually understands your videos. Magisto analyzes your videos, selects the best parts and edits them together to make them look amazing, complete with creative effects, transitions, filters, music, and more. Features: * Automatic video editing in minutes * Use the videos and music on your iPhone, or music from Magisto's library * Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email * Automatically detects faces for tagging and sharing "Magisto is a new breed of free online video-editing systems: it's fully automated, and fast." -Cnet, Laura Locke "Magisto's magic formula, from what we've seen, works impressively well - so well, we'd like to see the startup release mobile applications for quicker uploads." - Mashable, Jennifer Van Grove

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