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Description Chop Chop Hockey, the fifth game of the Chop Chop series (over 14 million games downloaded) is here! "An awesome arcade experience"- Gamezebo, "Bodyslams onto the ice"- Pocket Gamer The hockey competitions are starting now and you are cordially invited! Cordially? Not really! The Choppies are known for their aggressive attitude and they will do everything to win the Chop Chop Hockey League cups. It will be a brutal competition with only one rule: there are no rules! ARE YOU FAST ENOUGH? ****************************************** UNIQUE GAMEPLAY MECHANICS ------------------ No virtual joystick or buttons! You only need one finger to skate, pass, shoot, and check. Use quick passes, one-timers or powerful slap-shots and put the puck in the net! EIGHT UNIQUE TEAMS: ------------------ You're about to play a wicked three-on-three game against ruthless opponents: The "Killer Bees": Fast, accurate, and deadly but, yes, they can be squashed... The "Skulls": Their gameplay is inspired from a particular Philadelphia Hockey team from the seventies. Nuff said... The "Flamingos": Elegant, artistic, light-footed and dressed in ... well, pink. Their goalie is INSANE. The "Cops": Methodical, structured, organized though not particularly creative. The "Commandos": Surgical and resourceful, but is their green camouflage outfit really that effective on the ice? The "Infernos": They fire shots from every angle! Weaknesses? We haven't found any yet. The "Ninjas": Yes, they wear masks and strike like lightning. No, we don't know where they're from. The "Cavemen": A new team from the Ice Age. They may still be rough around the edges as far as skating goes, but most observers agree they've mastered slashing, cross-checking and basic annihilating. FOUR SUPERB HOCKEY ARENAS: ------------------ - The Ice Centre: The classical North American arena - The Alpenrink: A cool European rink - The Sognefjord: Play at night on the largest Fjord in Norway - The Rockefeller Center: Where else would you play on Christmas Eve? FOUR DIFFICULTY LEVELS ------------------ - Junior - Pro - Champ - Legend THREE CAMERA ANGLES: ------------------ - Side: Ideal for beginners - Front: The classic camera angle for most hockey games - Action: Great for body checks ****************************************** Also features : - Universal Application (play on iPhone or iPad) - Retina Display - Intuitive and extremely responsive touch controls - Colorful cartoon graphics - Twitter and Facebook Achievements Updates ****************************************** COMING SOON ------------------ More teams, more modes, more tournaments and many more surprises!!!! ****************************************** Chop Chop Hockey is a trademark of Gamerizon Studio Inc.

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