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Description See all of our EA DAILY DEALS at New Play, Every Day! DIG FOR VICTORY! TRENCHES II wants you to join the fight – on iPad! Wage a bigger, more dangerous world war, as new nations join the struggle. Fight an epic campaign through an expanded world map. Engage the enemy in more realistic, treacherous battlefields. And defeat foes with new devastating artillery and elite forces. The Great War has arrived and it’s time to take to the trenches again! SURVIVE LARGER, REALISTIC BATTLEFIELDS ON IPAD Deploy more units in a bigger and brighter battlefield. Fight through the “Fog of War”, as you steer troops through trenches, wire, tank traps and landmines. Use the environment to flank the enemy – or take cover. BATTLE ENEMIES IN MULTIPLAYER MODES Wage a real world war as you compete in Global Multiplayer campaigns via Game Center. Or dominate your opponents in WiFi and Bluetooth enabled multiplayer modes! CHOOSE YOUR PATH TO VICTORY Lead the troops through a campaign that spans over 50 locations across Europe. Customize your army with over 20 different units. Win battles to earn Perk points and upgrade your offensive, defensive and support forces. MORE NATIONS JOIN THE FIGHT Choose your side and play as the British, Germans – or French! BRING IN THE CAVALRY! Lead the charge with all-new military units and weapons. Crush your enemies with flamethrowers, cluster bombs, rail guns, and the ultimate World War I vehicle – the tank. Fight the good fight! Enlist in TRENCHES II now!