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Price $1.00
Description Celebrate Independence Day in style with this July 4th Application that has the following patriotic features:

1. Fly the flag.
2. Sing-along with The Star Spangled Banner.
3. Play the July 4th Quiz.
4. Firework displays at the Washington Monument.

The main menu also contains a countdown clock to The Fourth.

Fly The Flag
Use the accelerometer to keep the stars facing forward of the motion. Design to be used in a sweeping wave above you head.

Sing-along to The Star Spangled Banner with lyrics displayed on the screen. Play, Pause, Rewind and Loop options are provided. Can be played in background with Fly the Flag, Quiz and really works well with the firework displays.

July 4th Quiz
General questions about United States Independence Day, history, geography and achievements. Ten random questions each time you play unlocks features within the Firework Display.

3D accurate scale model of the Washington Monument with different features for setting your view position, time of day and firework display. Unlock firework display features by playing the quiz.

Fireworks have launch and explosion sounds and come in a number of different colours, types and sizes. All firework displays are choreographed to end with a massive display of colours and explosions.

For more information please click on our dedicated July 4th Support page or go to our You Tube channel for a demonstration: