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Description ★★★★★ - Featured in iTunes What’s Hot In Productivity Top Rated Family Calendar as Seen on ABC News, Wall Street Journal and more. Be able to check every family member’s calendar on the go from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad! No need for anyone to switch calendars or use a centralized family organizer-Skedi does it automatically, from the convenience of your smartphone. You'll see everyone's appointments, activities and events in one place. Skedi connects the events from work, home, and school of each family member whether they use Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar or something in between. All in a single easy to use app that lets you manage your family calendar anywhere, anytime. With Skedi, you can see the schedules of every family member and plan everything from school appointments to extracurricular activities, including use of the family car (important with teen drivers), directly from their iPhone. Because Skedi connects different types of calendars under a single app, there is no need for family members to switch to a new calendar in order for Skedi to work. Only people invited by parents are allowed to share the calendar, and parents have the option of including extended family, close friends, babysitters and more. BENEFITS ● No need for retyping appointments, Skedi automatically enters data in all calendars (including calendars at work and at home) ● Skedi lets parents assign tasks and activities to parents, friends, and babysitters ● Easy to import events from published school, club or team calendars ● Sends email notifications for all new events and whenever a family member accepts or declines an invitation ● Unlike many apps, Skedi includes free unlimited customer support and service. Customers can contact support in the app or use the online help desk. ● We keep your personal data secure. FEATURES ✔ Family calendar sharing ✔ Cloud Syncing ✔ Send invitations and assignments ✔ Syncs with iOS calendars and Google Calendar ✔ Real-time family member availability ✔ Email notifications ✔ Import Events ✔ Pre-event reminders ✔ Event backup to 3rd party calendar ✔ Export events via email ✔ Send events via SMS ✔ Unlimited "real" human support Learn more about Skedi at, screenshots, demos, how-it-works and more. Check out our rave reviews too! REQUIREMENTS You will need a Skedi account before using the app. Sign up is free at Only one person from your family will need to sign up at our website. Your other family members will receive an email invitation to join your Skedi family network. You'll want to use Skedi with other family members, to learn how to share your purchase, go to our website, TECHNICAL SPECS Syncs with Google Calendar and your device’s calendars: ● Microsoft Exchange ● Microsoft Outlook (via iTunes or Outlook Hotmail Connector) ● Yahoo! ● iCloud ● MobileMe ● CalDAV calendars ● And more... Your calendar data is secure. All data sent between the app and web server is securely encrypted using a 128-bit SSL certificate. Works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

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