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Description Best Video App of 2011 - TUAW, Editors pick 2nd Prize, Best Video App of 2011 - TUAW, Readers pick 3rd Prize, Best Video App of 2011 - Best App Ever, 148 Apps App of the Day, Week and Month - Gizmodo App of the Week - 5 Star, Editors Review - FiLMiC Pro takes movie making to the next level and turns your iPhone into one of the most powerful and robust full featured HD video cameras around. FiLMiC Pro offers more ways than any other video camera app to personalize your shooting method. This app has everything you’ll ever need to create your mobile masterpiece. FiLMiC Pro is the standard for the iPhone videography. - Life in Lofi FiLMiC Pro is an amazing video of an iPhone application. If you are serious about video on your iPhone, this is the application to obtain. This is a steal at $ 2.99 - TUAW FiLMiC Pro is perhaps the most powerful resource available for the creation of the film on the iPhone. - AppAdvice FiLMiC Pro will make your YouTube video (or Facebook, Tumblr, Vimeo vids) seems something of a professional has done, but you did it to a smartphone "- Gizmodo Features Include: - 3 separate shooting modes - 4 selectable resolutions - 26 different variable frame rates - Audio monitoring levels - Stereo recording support - Custom slate configurations - Grids - Front Facing Camera Support - Import Button for easy editing - Overlays - Colorbars up to 15 seconds - 6 different upload destinations - 4 bitrate options per resolution; Economy Apple Standard FiLMiC Quality and FiLMiC Extreme. FiLMiC Extreme offers 48mbps encoding at 1080p. MAXIMUM CONTROL Easy to use thumb based control bar designed by filmmakers for guaranteed intuitiveness THREE SEPARATE FOCUS/EXPOSURE SYSTEMS ● Double Reticle Mode: Two separate adjustable reticles for spot sampling focus and exposure ● Single Reticle Mode: A center fixed positioned spot sampling reticle for both focus and exposure ● Full Frame Mode: Samples both focus and exposure from the entire frame LOADS OF ADVANCED FEATURES FOR PROFESSIONAL POLISH ● Variable Frame Rates (1-25 & 30fps) including both US (24p) and European (25p) film production standards ● Four Selectable Resolutions (iPhone 4 or 4th Gen iPod touch) ● Framing Guide Overlays (4:3, 16:9, & 2:35.1) ● Thirds Guide for easy composition ● Audio Metering, Stereo Support ● Color Bars for post production ● Film Production Style Slate for syncing with an external audio system or multi-camera shoots, and adding info to inform your editor or organize your clips within the clip library. INSTANTLY SHARE YOUR HD MOVIE ● DropBox ● YouTube ● Vimeo ● Facebook ● FTP Server ● Tumblr ** Only 2 lock buttons are available on the 3GS and iPod Touch, not 4. Variable frame rates, slate, color bars, grids, overlays, upload destinations all fully available.