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Description IWGuide is your free weekly magazine for discovering what's new on Netflix™ Instant Watch U.S.A. service. No Netflix subscription required: if you are curious to see what are the titles available on Netflix Instant Watch, then try out IWGuide. Each week -if not more often- IWGuide content will be updated and you will be able to discover quickly: - what has been released recently on Instant Watch - what new titles are coming soon on Instant Watch - what tiles are going away - what are the best recent titles currently on Instant Watch Like a regular magazine, you flip IWGuide pages to view a quick summary of each title available. If you are interested by a particular movie or TV serie, simply tap on it to view more detailed information about it. Visit: for more information including a video demonstration. Currently IWGuide support only the content for the United States Instant Watch Netflix Service. Other countries will be supported as soon as possible.