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Description iCookbook™ with Voice Command: now for iPad and iPhone! - Named the best of the iPad Lifestyle category in App Store Rewind 2011 in the US. Over 2,000 recipes and free monthly updates! Get iCookbook now for 50% off the list price. “The app’s layout is quite impressive.” - iPad Appfinders “It’s a great implementation of all the best that iOS5 offers and is bound to make iCookbook even more useful than it was before.” – Jennifer Allen of 148apps “If cooks only have one cookbook, iCookbook should be the one.” – Tina of AppTudes The iCookbook team of ACCREDITED FOOD EXPERTS and NUTRITIONISTS selected recipes that use readily accessible (and affordable) ingredients. The recipes will inspire you and help solve your everyday problem of meal selection. Get new FREE recipes every month! Every month, the iCookbook team will carefully select a group of new recipes that you can add to your collection at NO ADDITIONAL COST so iCookbook™ will grow with you and become the only cooking app you will ever need. Everything a Cook Needs More than just recipes, iCookbook is a complete cooking solution for your kitchen! • Voice Commands. Completely unique to iCookbook is hands free voice command. Cooks can proceed through the preparation steps without touching the iPad or iPhone screen. Just speak the simple commands to move to the next step, manage timers, view notes [iPad only], and more. • Prepare Mode: Unique to iCookbook, the Prepare feature provides an enhanced display of a recipe a cook can read at a distance from the iPad and iPhone. • Stir it Up! Feeling adventurous? Press Stir and iCookbook offers a selection of randomly chosen recipes based on a particular search or filter criteria [Shake to stir on iPhone]. • My Recipe Box. Enables a cook to create a set of iCookbook favorite recipes for easy retrieval, and add recipes from a personal recipe collection. • Network with Friends and Family. Share on Facebook, or email any recipe to all your friends to let them know what you are cooking. • Printing. Now print recipes to any AirPrint™ compatible printer. • Personalize the Recipes. Everyone likes to put their own personal touch to a recipe. Our Notes feature allows you to record your ideas and comments about iCookbook recipes. • Kitchen Tools. Multiple timers, substitution lists, and measurement conversion charts. • Shopping List. Tag ingredients directly from a recipe to your shopping list, then print or email your list. • Add your own recipe – You can easily add your own recipes so you never lose your Grandma’s favorite chocolate cookies or your world-famous pasta sauce. Once the recipe is added, you can also easily add your own photos, search for your recipe or even share your personal favorite through E-mail. Still want more? Every month new special recipe packs are available for purchase in addition to your free update. Developed by Publications International, Ltd. Publications International develops and sells more than 9 million cookbooks a year. iCookbook for iPad® and iPhone® includes more than 2,000 hand selected recipes from your favorite brand name brands like Crock-Pot®, KitchenAid®, Swanson®, Hershey®, Philadelphia Cream Cheese®, Nestlé® and more! Each recipe has been rigorously tested either by the iCookbook team or the extensive testing process of your favorite brands, so you know they will turn out perfect each and every time! Requirements: Compatible with iPad and iPhone. Requires iOS 4 or later. Please note: If you’re updating to iCookbook 2.0 from an older version, the app will go through a migration process to retrieve all recipes and information. This migration goes quickly for most iCookbook users, but for a small percentage it can take upwards of 10 minutes. We apologize if you are one of the few who are experienc