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Description Nostalgiqa - places with memories - is all about those meaningful and nostalgic moments in your life that you simply don't want to forget. Ever! ☆ Build a treasure chest of your personal memories ☆ Fill each memory with text and photo fragments ☆ Keep memories private or share them with everyone ★ Inspire the world! ★ Be inspired! There are moments in life you just wanted to never end. Sometimes you have a thought that should be written, sometimes you live a moment that should be eternalized, often you have unexpected feelings you want to keep somehow, or even share at that very moment. You might want everyone to know your path, or you may want to save it in a secret memory chest you carry inside your pocket. You can also go back in time and add to your timeline memories of a special friendship, that spring break working to pay your road trip coast to coast, the picture of your first car, the last thanksgiving before you moved out… There are times when you just feel like knowing the world in a way you have never thought of: through people. Because the world is not what you see in the news, and history is not what you read in the books; you can sit and watch both, or you can make them. Either way, it’s all about you. ------------- "Overall, this app is so much more than just social networking. It is a way to learn about others on a deeper level. It is a way to share your memories, not just what movie you are watching, with others. Nostalgiqa has the potential to become the next great social media phenomenon." - "Allowing other people to see the seminal occurrences and the things from your past that you think are important will allow them to learn more about you – and you about them – than simple status updates about what you had for dinner." - -------------- Nostalgiqa is a cloud-based app, meaning your content is stored on our servers under your personal private account, allowing you to access your up-to-date memories on any device you own without any need for synchronization.