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Description Show off your homemade dishes or food dined out by taking photos and sharing them with friends and family. Share and enjoy your “delicious” moments together. [Thanks for all the downloads!] Japan 4th, Taiwan 7th, Singapore 8th, China 11th (Highest Rank Achieved in Free Photo Apps) Easy To Use. Take photos of dishes that you’ve cooked or eaten, quickly process to make them look delicious and just post! You can share them in an instant. If posting plain photos is not enough for you, information such as “what kind of food”, “where you were”, and “who you were with” can be added. You also have the option of making your photos private by turning on/off in your privacy settings, a feature that makes SnapDish also useful as a daily food log. Follow your friends, family, or restaurant to see posts of their food photos. To add to your enjoyment, you can also “Yummy!” their photos in response. Use the additional “Explore” function to find “gourmet friends”, people who share preferences, and photos of your favorite dishes taken by people who had them in nearby locations. SnapDish is the social food photo app that makes your eating habits rich and enjoyable. [What you can do with SnapDish] - Post and share photos and show off your homemade dishes - Post and share photos of food eaten out and ready-made meals - Cook your dish photos “Rare”, “Medium”, or “Well-done” and process your hazy and dark looking photo to look delicious - Blur your dish photo to make it look as though it's been shot with an SLR - Record what kind of food you had, where, whom with, type of cuisine, rating, price, calories and comments - On/Off of privacy setting for each photo - Multiposting to Facebook, Twitter, Twitpic, Photobucket, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr and specified E-mail address. - “YUMMY!”, Resnap (Republish), and post comments to photos in response to communicate - Explore dishes by narrowing down location, radius, type of cuisine from everyones dishes.