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Scrawl is the world's simplest and most easy-to-use note taking application ever. It is always sitting in the menu bar for easy access whenever you need it, and it syncs your notes across all of your Macs with iCloud.

iCloud Support

Scrawl has been designed for iCloud so that it will save and sync your notes across all of your Macs. For example: if you add a note to Scrawl on your MacBook, it is automatically synced and added to your iMac. No setup necessary.

Works With OS X Mountain Lion

Scrawl works very well (in fact, it is even better) under OS X Mountain Lion. Got to to learn more.

Pixel Perfect UI

The interface is important for any app, and Scrawl takes it to the next level. Not only is it easy to access and use, but it also looks extremely slick and clean - something many note taking apps lack. Scrawl can handle an unlimited amount of notes as well.

Amazingly Simple Text Viewer & Editor

Scrawl makes everything simple, including the text editor. To create a new note, simply click on the + button. Scrawl will then open the text editor. Just type, and Scrawl auto-saves the note. To view a full note, just double-click on it. You will be able to see the date it was last edited on by looking at the date in the bottom-left corner. If you make any changes, the date will automatically change.

Note Taking That Makes Sense

These days, note taking managers such as Evernote, Todo, and Things are just too complicated. They assume that the user knows how to set everything up, and that they understand how to get everything synced between their Macs. Scrawl understands that the user just wants to jot down a note, and then forget about it until they read the note again.

Other Features:

- Scrawl autosaves notes.

- Search the each note's content, as well as the title.

- Srawl is in the menubar for easy access.

- Includes a beautiful interface based off of QuickLook.

- Right-click on the menubar icon to view all of the app's settings.

- Change the size & texture of the window easily in the Preferences.

- Optionally open at login.

- And much more!

Use Scrawl For:

- A simple note taking tool.

- A great place to store stuff you want to copy, and then later paste.

- A password manager.

- A contacts list.

- A recipe manager.

- And many more things!

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