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Description Outliner, Mind Mapping, Notes and Checklists under one roof. All in One. ★ Featured in PC Magazine ★ Build outlines, mind maps, take notes, organize ideas, prioritize actions and share your thoughts seamlessly. = IMPORTANT = Thousands of users are happy with MagicalPad. We respond to support requests within 4 hours and most of the time within an hour (US time). Before you post your concern in a review, please watch our videos, review the user manual and the quick guide, and contact support; chances are that you will find what you are looking for in MagicalPad to boost your productivity. - Deep Mind Mapping - create mind maps of outlines and notes. Amazing!! (In-app purchase) Create your own information dashboard. Reminds you of Minority Report - the movie. A fresh approach to iPad notes, much more than a conventional note-taker, outliner, or mind mapping app for the iPad. Through an intuitive and innovative design, MagicalPad allows professionals and students to take notes, organize ideas, build outlines, prioritize actions and share their thoughts seamlessly. ❤ Featured in PC Magazine ❤ Featured GTD app by, featured in, and many others. STRUCTURED Focus project planning using structured lists to quickly capture and organize stakeholder input, prioritize goals and actions. Optimize your most valuable resources. Take advantage of unlimited lists/outlines on the same workspace, freeform layout, unlimited hierarchy with expand and collapse, checkboxes, drag and drop, indent/outdent and much more. Everything is in front of your eyes, structure meets freedom. INTUITIVE The power of this iPad notes app is in its simplicity - your content is the ★ STAR ★. The minimalistic white design of MagicalPad lets the app get off your way, makes your content shine and lets you focus on your content. Just add a list or a note and start typing; let your imagination flow and focus on your thoughts. Place and format your content anywhere you want, drag and drop to split or merge outlines move ideas between outlines, create checklists and format items the way you want. BEAUTIFUL Organize your thoughts, structure your story, outline your website content, or just jot down your ideas for the next big thing. Spark your creativity and have fun. With formatting of each single element you can give every single idea the attention it deserves. SHARING Export to ** Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox and Email ** in PDF, RTF, OPML and MPX file formats Import RTF, TXT, OPML and MPX files from other apps, pc & mac software. MagicalPad enables you to share your work with other users and other apps; it also allows you to import outlines and notes from other apps and desktop and mac software to continue your work, then export it back. You can also export and import RTF and OPML files from or to other apps and software such as project management, outliner or mind map software. VIDEO MIRRORING With Video mirroring and the Apple Digital AV Adapter (DVI) SUPPORT & FEEDBACK or visit FEATURES ✔ Freeform layout - freedom to move outlines, checklists and notes anywhere you want in the workspace, create your ** information dashboard **. ✔ All you can eat - unlike other note apps or outliner apps where you are bound by one outline structure or a note's page locked in lines, MagicalPad enables you to put unlimited outlines and checklists or todos in addition to notes side by side in one space - all at your finger tips. ✔ Playing nice with other apps and software - using open standards such as OPML you can start working on MagicalPad and continue your work on anther app or desktop tool, or Vice versa. ✔ Connected to the cloud - import and export many file formats

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