Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $1.00
Description An incredible, magical, portable doorbell that knows where you are and who to ring. When you arrive at your friends house, just press the doorbell and it will text or call your friend. No need look them up and tap out ‘hey, i’m here, can you let me in?’ Let’s face it-- we are living in a post-doorbell world. Doorbells are broken, ignored, left to rot, or just too annoying. Some say it’s a tragedy of modernity. Others say that’s a completely ridiculous thing to say. But we can all agree that more people are using their cell phones instead of doorbells. Anyone whose address is already in your iPhone will automatically appear on the doorbell nameplate when you get near their house. You can add new houses in a snap. Here’s the bottom line: Pocket Doorbell is a faster and approximately 1,000 times more elegant way to ping your friend when you get to their door. You simply muuuuust try it. SO EASY: 1. Anyone in your iPhone contacts who has an address listed will be automatically geocoded. They will appear on the doorbell nameplate when you are at their location. 2. When you visit a location for the first time, ring the doorbell to choose who you’d like to associate with that location. The person will be immediately called or texted. 3. From now on, any time you are at this person's location, their name will appear in the nameplate and ringing the doorbell will call or text them. You can also open the list to remove any people-location associations.