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Author Stone Design Corp
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Description Twittelator Neue. Enjoy a faster, fresher experience on Twitter. "Neue is the Twitter client the iPhone deserves: beautiful, elegant, and smart. My new fave." - Leo Laporte, founder TwitTV “This brilliant UI design is by far the best thing about Twittelator Neue… …Personally, I think I’ve found my new go-to Twitter app.” Where other Twitter clients think alike, we chose to think different. There's the all-new Timeline Photos, which actually lets you *see* what your friends are tweeting about. Then there's Multiple Timelines, which lets you easily keep up with what's up. Perhaps you have a blog, band, or other alter-ego that has tweets of its very own. Multiple Accounts in Twittelator Neue will handle them all with ease; SimulTweet makes posting the same tweet from all of your multiple-personalities a breeze. The innovative features in Twittelator Neue are sure to delight. FEATURING • Timeline Photos & Galleries • Multiple Timelines – Add lists, searches, and other tweets alongside your Main Timeline. • Multiple Accounts • SimulTweet • Conversation View • Website Previews • Drafts • ReadItLater, OmniFocus, and Instapaper support • Post images and movies to your choice of media host • Tweet with your location • Support for Tweet Marker • And a whole lot more! Twittelator Neue. Tweet different.

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