Current Version Version: 1.9
Author Escape Velocity Apps LLC
Price $2.00
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Description Audiolio is perfect for bookmarking and adding notes to all kinds of audio: school lectures, interviews, podcasts, audio books, and more. "Audiolio combines the best of audio driven notes, Dropbox, and sharing for some pretty superb control over class lectures and meeting presentations." - ★★★★★ Perfect for Students Bookmark your audio lectures with organized notes, captions and images. ★★★★★ Ideal for Business Take meeting minutes with audio and instantly share with team members. ★★★★★ Excellent for Journalists Add important details at key points in interviews. Audiolio is the new way to take notes. Add notes to existing recordings or record new audio while taking notes. Audiolio allows you to bookmark locations in all of your audio, and associate notes and images with the bookmarks you create. You can use audio you record in the app itself or select items from your iPod library. Features: - Quickly and easily create bookmarks in audio - Record audio - Access existing audio from iPod library - Bookmark your audio with timestamps, captions, notes, and pictures - Create drawings for your bookmarks with the Sketch Pad - Share your bookmarks via Dropbox, Email, or iTunes File Sharing - Share your bookmarks in the following formats: PDF, text file, or Audiolio's own file format - Instantly share your bookmarks with other Audiolio users using the Audiolio file format - Share your own recordings as .m4a - Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion - Use a USB external microphone for high-quality recordings (requires iPad Camera Connection Kit).

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