Current Version 4.2
Author Peter Borg
Price $5.00
File Size 1392746.0 MB

(Please note that Smultron 4 is only for OS X Lion 10.7 and there is earlier version available for OS X Snow Leopard 10.6)

Smultron is what your text needs. It is a text editor for the rest of us which is both easy to use and elegant but still very powerful. With it you can easily write and edit unformatted text.

• You can quickly write short or long pieces of text

• You can quickly edit a web page, to-do list, script, novel or any kind of text

• You have all your open documents easily accessible

• You can have your documents in iCloud to access them on all your Macs

• You can easily find what you are looking for in many different documents

• Smultron does not complicate things and you can directly start to write or edit text

• For the more advanced users Smultron is a fully featured text editor with syntax coloring, regular expressions, commands, snippets, line numbers and many, many more features

Changes in Smultron 4:

• Easier and more elegant

• A new more flexible and improved way of handling your open documents

• Resume - Smultron will reopen right were you last left off

• Auto save - you don't need to think about saving any more, Smultron will take care of that for you

• Versions - you can easily look at previous versions of your text and also restore to any earlier version

• Easier to find what you are looking for in documents

• Improved full screen experience

• Faster

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