Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Veysel Berk
Price Free
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Description Wallitapp is the only way for you to “write on walls” at popular places and “start conversations” with the people who are really there. What can you write on a wall? How about a marriage proposal on the Golden Gate Bridge for everyone to see? A secret note for your friends on the Eiffel Tower? Your video skating in the Union Square? Photo of a romantic kiss by the mountain at Tahoe? You get the idea… You can follow the conversations on any wall from anywhere at any time, in order to write on walls and join the conversation on them you have to be really there, no exceptions. You can write on walls in San Francisco, New York, Houston, Tokyo, Istanbul, Panama and in many other expanding list of cities around world. Please tweet your new wall suggestions to @wallitapp. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and are always open to your feedback. Please tweet your feedback to @wallitapp. If you have any issues with Wallitapp, please do not write a review of the App saying “it did not work”. Instead, please tweet us @wallitapp, and we’ll do our best to help. NOTE: To see walls in Augmented Reality view, open the app, tap on wall, tilt phone sideways, start scanning 360 degrees around you (while keeping the phone tilted), the augmented wall will show itself. Also use the radar (while the phone is tiled) to face the red dot on the upper right hand corner to help find the exact location of the wall. Try Walllit and see why it’s so worth the fun! NOTES: Turn “On” your “Location” to write Turn “On” Push notifications for seldom but fun surprises* We love hearing from our users. Tweet any issues or feedback to us @wallitApp. Like and share with us on * We respect your privacy (See our policy at

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