Current Version Version: 1.0
Author tom klimek
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Description Following last-year's AppStore-featured 4-star app. This app is for this year's 2012 men's college basketball tournament. It is great for iPod-touches as well as iPhones. This app has fillable brackets that are filled and saved by just tapping a visual chart. Users can create or join private pools over the internet. Users can submit their filled brackets to private pools and see the point totals for each submitted bracket and even see each bracket-chart with colors indicating correctness of picks. To aid in filling the bracket, the app shows side-by-side lists of common-opponent outcomes and head-to-head results (plus full schedules). Wow! This app runs almost always natively on your device, except for when it is checking for updated tourney data or checking a private pool for new submitters. This app has it all.

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