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Description PocketBracket is the #1 Sports app for creating brackets this March Madness®. The 2012 Tournament bracket is now available. Continue to make your picks until the first game Thursday, March 15th. This March Madness® create unlimited Men's NCAA® Basketball Tournament brackets and organize pools on the PocketBracket Network. Follow the NCAA® Basketball Tournament and keep track of your bracket results - all with mobile convenience. PocketBracket is the first and only March Madness® app of it's kind. The PocketBracket Network extends beyond the App Store so you can compete with users on other devices. Visit for more details on March Mobile Madness. HOW IT WORKS PocketBracket eliminates the hassle of creating and managing a bracket. The touch interface makes completing your bracket simple. Once the tournament starts, your bracket is automatically scored and updated after each game. You can create and join pools with one tap. Then invite anyone to your Pool via Email, Facebook, or Twitter - all from within the app. No more paper brackets. With PocketBracket it's Game On! PocketBracket comes preloaded with 2011 Men's Tournament data so you can test drive the app before March Madness®. You will be prompted to update within the app after the 2012 Men's Tournament bracket is chosen on Selection Sunday - March 11th, 8:15pm ET. FEATURES - Create unlimited brackets - Automatic bracket scoring and ranking - Organize unlimited pools available across the PocketBracket Network - Create Private pools - Detailed Stats screens - Rotate for a full Bracket view - Complete your bracket using "SmartPick" - Get game scores and updates - Share your brackets and invite friends to join your pools via email, Facebook, or Twitter - Save trees during March Madness® ADDITIONAL INFO Visit for rules, scoring, complete rankings, and more. RECENT REVIEWS "PocketBracket is March Mobile Madness. Forget the rest. Go with the best!" - Appsumer "PocketBracket is a rare March Madness dedicated app that isn't a remake of an web page. PocketBracket eliminates the tedious aspects of managing a bracket while keeping it in your pocket for quick access to the tournament." - AVAILABILITY PocketBracket is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 and above. PocketBracket is also available on other devices. Visit for more details. SUPPORT: For support, please email Apple does not provide a way for us to contact you from a review. DISCLAIMER: March Madness® and the NCAA® are registered trademarks and separate associations from PocketBracket. PocketBracket is not affiliated with these associations and is offered for entertainment purposes only.