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Description Prep & Pantry is your tracking solution for food storage and preparedness supplies! Track stored item locations, quantities, and expiration dates. Anthony T. in West Texas says, “Prep & Pantry does exactly what I need - an inventory of our food supplies and expiration dates. The cost of the app is more than repaid by the decrease in food waste.” Simply keeping an inventory of your pantry can be a cumbersome task, especially if all you have is a pad of paper. Items get shelved without being recorded. A family member takes an item off of the shelf with out making note of what was used. If this happens just a few times you will have to start over and re-inventory everything! Who knows how far off the inventory list is? What about that first aid kit or the food in your emergency bag. It can be mind-boggling how quickly those items seem to expire. Prep & Pantry is designed to be dead simple. Quick and easy to use. Clean. Uncluttered. Add a full shelf of items in minutes. Check an item out in seconds. Find what has expired or is about to along with where it is, right now. Feature list: • Barcode scanning for fast addition and removal of inventory. • Manual item barcode entry and look-up. • Optional automatic online UPC/EAN look-up that makes entering items even easier!** • Zap! - Quickly add an item with different expiration dates and locations. • Coupon! - Set a visual reminder of items with coupons as suggested by several Prep & Pantry coupon clipping power-users! • No-Barcode option for items without a barcode. • No-Expiration option for items that do not expire. • Item photos. A visual guide to your inventory. • Customized keyword tagging and categorizing. • Sort items by name, expiration, or location. • Search for items by name or tag. • Automatically add an item to your shopping list when used. • Email-able shopping list. • Email-able reports. • Back-up and export the inventory to your desktop computer. • Track inventory by location. • Optional use of your phone’s GPS to lookup and save location information. Prep & Pantry does more than track item expiration. It is useful for keeping supply inventories by location and quantity. For example, tracking the number of canisters of stove fuel and where they are stored. The contents of the first aid kit or your emergency bag. The emergency supplies in your car. Your book collection. The wine cellar. It doesn’t matter what you need to keep track of, Prep & Pantry is there for you. The items you keep track of don’t necessarily have to have a barcode either. Select the No Barcode option or create your own tracking ids using any combination of numbers and letters. Do you have your own label printer? Using readily found software you can print your own barcodes. Prep & Pantry recognizes most types of barcodes including QR Code. (That’s the square one that looks like TV static.) *Prep & Pantry’s barcode scanning feature is optimized to work with iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S. GPS location look-up works best with iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S. **Not every item in the world is in these databases. Many of the brand name items are and this helps speed things up considerably! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. Please contact me through I am unable to help you directly when you leave a comment in iTunes. Thanks!