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Description GAIN Fitness is your digital personal trainer. Everything a personal trainer does, GAIN does. Amazing? Just try it yourself and see. Whether your goal is to build lean muscle, burn fat or simply improve your overall health, GAIN will build you a customized workout, regardless of skill level. Simply choose your available time and equipment, and GAIN goes to work. Some say it’s magic. But really it’s our exercise-science based algorithms, built from the expertise of pro trainers. If you don't measure something, you won’t improve it. That’s why GAIN also tracks your progress and guides you through workouts like no other fitness app on the market. Our integrated tracking tools quantify your Work Units (lbs. lifted per foot) and calories burned (kCal) from workout to workout. To top it off, our intelligent timers will increase your overall workout efficiency. So what used to take an hour, may now only take 30 minutes. NEW to GAIN 3.0: GAIN 3.0 has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. It includes these killer new features to help you reach your fitness goals: + GAIN PLAN This smart, sweat-tracking calendar keeps you focused and accountable. Simply select your workout days, and our app will alert you when it’s time to work out. Even better? GAIN Plan will help you stay on track even when life throws you curveballs: If you can't do your full workout, GAIN Plan offers 10-minute “Quick Plan B” workouts that you can do anywhere to keep your workout streak alive! + HD MOTION IMAGES & DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS Unclear how to perform an exercise? Simply watch our athletes in action. + AUDIO CUES Perhaps the coolest part of our new release? We taught GAIN how to talk. You can optionally hear exercise names to guide you through your workout—all in the voice of a real person (not some robotic nonsense). + EXPANSION PACKS These intelligent bundles of advanced training methods and hyper-targeted exercises expand the capabilities of our main Workout Builder to help you reach your training goals. Whether you want to chisel your abs, tone your backside or add the latest functional training weapons (Kettlebells, anyone?), we're developing an Expansion Pack for it. Our top training experts will continue to innovate in the GAIN Laboratory to give you the workout that’s right for you. As always, GAIN Fitness is free to download. So what’s holding you back? It’s time to GAIN Fitness.