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Description ★ Learn the shapes, names, flags and geographical locations of the countries in North America, through puzzles, challenges and drawing exercises. ★ Featured in What's Hot as well as the front of the Education section! Based on the proven methodology of Montessori. YOUR CHILD WILL LEARN: ✔ To identify the countries of North America ✔ To discern the shapes of the countries ✔ To recognize the flags of North America ✔ The development of spatial relationships ✔ Individual position in relationship to the world ✔ Fine motor skills and vocabulary Intro to Geography includes the following activities in an app specially designed for the iPad: ✔ SHAPES OF THE COUNTRIES Through an engaging, interactive puzzle exercise, we focus on the shapes of the countries. ✔ NAMES OF THE COUNTRIES In a series of challenging activities, we learn the names of the countries, finding their location on the map. ✔ SHAPES, NAMES, AND PLACES Using the puzzle map, we work to develop name recognition, spatial relationship, and geographical location. ✔ FULL MAP CHALLENGE Put your knowledge to the test, with a full scale, interactive puzzle map of North America. ✔ MATCHING Match the name of the country, to its corresponding puzzle map shape, in this dynamic drawing exercise. ✔ FLAGS Tapping through the various flags of each country, we come to identify their unique characteristics. ✔ MATCHING FLAGS TO THEIR COUNTRY In a series of engaging activities, we match the flags to their associated countries, through drawing exercises. —— We would love to hear from you. Find us on Twitter & Facebook! ➜ ➜ Design & concept by Montessorium. Development by YMedia Labs.