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Description ★ PDF annotator ★ PDF Text Search ★ Document Reader ★ Advanced Text Note ★ Close-Up Handwriting ★ Audio Notes ★ PDF Export ★ Printing ★ ★ Dropbox ★ Google_Docs ★ Embedded browser ★ iDisk ★ WebDav ★ FTP ★ Email ★ iTune ★ Photos ★ Open-in ★ Presentation(VGA, HDMI)★ ★★★★★ DocAS = “All-in-One”=“Rocks” ★★★★★ DocAS is a powerful comprehensive document "Killer" App for iPad. It offers straightforward Files Manager, Document reader, Advanced Note Taker, Handwriting, PDF Annotation, Audio Note and Air printing etc. ★ File Manager ★ ✔ Import/Export documents with many different sources:, Dropbox, iDisk, Google_Docs , WebDav, FTP Server, Email, Embedded browser, URL download, iTunes File Sharing, Photo Library, Open-in with other Apps ✔ Drag and Move supporting to move/organize the files between folders (Thumbnail view mode only) ✔ Drag to merge 2 documents(PDF and notebook only) ✔ Clone document ✔ Advanced search for document or folder ✔ Sorting document by name, date, favorite ✔ Security: provided password lock for the folder/category accessing ★Document reader ★ ✔ Support most popular file types • PDF • MS Office (PPT, Word, Excel…) • iWork (Pages, Keynote document) • Text/RTF • HTML • Jpeg, PNG, BMP… images ✔ Text search in PDF document ✔ Thumbnail view is supported ✔ Swipe to turn page ✔ Bookmark and Go-to page are supported ★ Close-Up-Handwriting with smooth ink engine ★ ✔ Equipped with the best handwriting engine for smooth, efficient drawing with great pen strokes and amazing ink, it will show surprised writing experience to you as actual pen and paper writing ✔ Simple and clean close-up handwriting panel ✔ Resizable zoom ratio ✔ Smart scroll and line-switch ✔ New smooth Handwriting engine to make beautiful writing ✔ Swipe to turn page conveniently when handwriting ✔ Wrist Guard(Palm rest) ★Advanced Text note is supported ★ ✔ Bold, Italic and alignment support ✔ Unique and convenient Text panel design ✔ Resizable Text input panel ★ Trash bin support – double-protect your document ✔ All deleted documents will be moved into trash bin. ✔ Easily drag and restore your deleted document ✔ Double-protect your deleting by mistake ✔ Empty your trash conveniently ★ Annotation for PDF, eNote, pictures ★ ✔ Embed picture ✔ Zooming/scrolling ✔ Handwriting & Typing ✔ Shapes with line, rectangle, circle/oval… ✔ Highlighter ✔ Eraser( Basic, Object Eraser and Erase all ) ✔ Text/Shapes objects move/re-size/delete is supported ★ Note Taker ★ ✔ Create and export PDF format note document ✔ 9 different paper styles are provided ✔ Insert/delete page ✔ PDF export ✔ Thumbnail view ★ Audio Recording ★ ✔ Create audio memo for each document ✔ Continue/Play/Delete audio memo are supported ★ Photo Book ★ ✔ Create photo book ✔ Annotation on photo ★ AirPrint (iOS 4.2 or later) ★ ✔ Print current page (For PDF, eNote, Pictures only) ✔ Print full document ★ Beautiful stick note ★ ✔ Search via stick note ✔ For PDF, eNote, Pictures only, each page has one stick note ★ Data Backup&Restore ★ ✔ WIFI channel ✔ iTunes File Sharing Welcome any questions, suggestions and complains, we will provide our best support and more features in our coming free upgrade release. Our email: