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Description Best App for Index Card Writers - Peter Meyers, Author, Best iPad Apps ★★★★★ "I love your program!!!! Great for screenwriting." -- Jesse Alexander, Emmy-winning Co-Executive Producer, Lost Capture. Organize. Compile. Index Card is a simple, but powerful, non-linear writing tool designed specifically for the iPad. Capture your ideas and store notes as they come to you. Organize the flow of your project by using a familiar corkboard interface. Compile your work into a single draft document that can be read by most word processors. Index Card will assist in writing, structuring, and managing a large project by allowing you to work in small easily manageable chunks. Whether you are a novelist, screen writer, academic researcher, comic writer, or journalist, Index Card can help you get it out of your brain and on to the page. ★★★★★ "The best iPad app for tv writers around, bar none!" -- Bill Fordes, Emmy Nominated Co-Executive Producer, Law & Order FEATURES • Projects: Maintain multiple separate projects, each made up of its own cards. • Cards: Each card is a piece of your project, such as a movie scene, piece of dialog, book chapter, or source material. Cards contain a title, synopsis, and label color. • Corkboard: Visually arrange the flow of your project with the tip of a finger. Touch-and-hold a card to drag it to a new location and surrounding cards will automatically reorder. • Outline: Alternative view of your project. Tap a row to open it for editing. Delete rows or drag and drop to reorganize. The search bar allows you to quickly find all the cards in the current project. The bottom tool bar will display character and word count for the project. • Export: Save an RTF copy of your project to your computer via iTunes File Sharing • Mail: Email the current version of your project without leaving the app • Dropbox: Import / Export projects with the popular online file sharing service • Scrivener: Sync your project with the award-winning Mac OS X app (card title, synopsis, long text, sort order) FEEDBACK ★★★★★ Your 5-star iTunes ratings and reviews make updates possible. ★★★★★ Thanks for buying my app! Like the app? Tell your friends. • Follow us on Twitter! • Become a fan on Facebook! See room for improvement? Let us know by visiting Your feedback will help us make the app better for everyone!