Current Version Version: 1.0
Developer Paul Harrington
Price Free
Filed Under Education
Age rating 4+
  • iPhone (Original)
  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3G S
  • iPad


Lorrie Ann Harrington originally created this Easter story to teach her son, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, new vocabulary, language-based concepts, and social communication skills.

She found that incorporating his interests, including photographs of him in the stories, helps him to stay engaged and relate to the teaching topic more easily.

This eBook focuses on the “WH” questions “Who?”, “What?”, “Where?”, “Why?”, punctuation, and gender-based pronouns.

The questions “Who?”, “What?”, “Where?”, and “Why?” are used throughout the book as well as other concepts including, gender-based pronouns, punctuation, and more. In addition, the story is structured in such a way that it can be used to help teach children to identify, label, and categorize words, by commenting on the text and pictures.

Special Features:

“Read it to me” by touching the sentences.

"Personalize" the “Me!” page with the camera or photo library.

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