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Description EXPERIENCE EARTH FROM A WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE IN THE PHYSICS-BASED PUZZLER FIBBLE – FLICK ’N’ ROLL! When the cute but curiously brave extraterrestrial explorer ‘Fibble’ and his friends crash-land in a regular suburban home, the world we take for granted suddenly starts to look a lot like alien territory. HELP FIBBLE TO FIND HIS FRIENDS In the dramatic crash, Fibble becomes separated from his crew as they’re scattered all over the mysterious house. Combine the unique skills of Fibble’s friends and discover all sorts of new possibilities: Overcome obstacles with some help from Byte, scale new heights with Ragno and inject some speed into proceedings with a boost from Vroom or Docto. INTUITIVE TAP CONTROLS FOR FAST-PACED FUN Use intuitive taps of the touch screen to flick, roll and control Fibble as he embarks on an adventure to reassemble his crew and blast back into space. 30 EXCITING LEVELS IN 4 UNIQUE LIVING SPACES Discover the bright and colorful world of ‘Fibble – Flick ‘n’ Roll’ with its ambitious courses set in 4 distinct rooms ranging from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the kid’s room and to the basement. Solve each Puzzle with a combination of logic, skill and reflexes. VIBRANT, CRYTEK CONSOLE QUALITY 3D GRAPHICS Experience high-definition gaming like never before supported by top-notch features completely new to the mobile experience powered by CryENGINE. HIGH QUALITY REAL TIME 3D CINEMATICS Learn more about Fibble’s dramatic adventure with his adorably cute crew in high-quality realtime 3D cinematics in ’Fibble – Flick ’n’ Roll’. CHALLENGING PHYSICS-BASED GAMEPLAY AND HOURS OF REPLAY VALUE. Enjoy a groundbreaking gameplay experience that is highly addictive and guarantees many hours of sheer fun. BECOME THE ULTIMATE MASTER OF THE GAME Along the way there are achievements to bag, objectives to complete and online scoreboards to climb—all of which will keep you coming back for more! Become a fan of Fibble on Facebook Follow Fibble on Twitter!/fibblegame See Fibble in action on YouTube