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Description Instead of recommending movies using actors or directors Movie Genius actually compares the plots of films and suggests ones that are similar in subject matter and style. This gives more natural recommendations similar to those you'd expect from friends or family. Features: ● Movie recommendations based on matching themes and plots NOT actors, directors and writers ● Share recommended movies via Twitter, Facebook or email ● Rent or buy recommended movies direct from iTunes ● Build up your Genius ratings to improve recommendations ● Search for favourite movies to rate and get recommendations against ● Tens of thousands of movies available ● Save movies you want to see ● Watch YouTube trailers and clips ● Read movie overviews ● See cast and crew lists, pictures, biographies and filmographies ● See ratings and votes ● Filter on certifications ● Discover thousands of new movies! ● Get FREE recommendations for War/Western, Adventure, Crime/Thriller, Drama/Music, Comedy and SciFi/Fantasy movies. ● In-app upgrade to remove ads and get additional Family/Animation, Horror and Action/Sport movie recommendations. Feedback: ★ "relevant, accurate and not always obvious" - sparry3567 ★ "Definitely 5 stars!" - Gloria Anna ★ "This app’s idea is really fresh" - Jella Ambosi ★ "It actually works!" - FannieJoy ★ "one of the hottest new apps on the iPhone" ★ "its suggestions are very accurate" ★ "very easy to use" ★ "there is no excuse not to have this on your iPhone." - Top iPhone App Reviews ★ "a very cool app indeed" ★ "Movie Genius is great" ★ "gives you some really cool information" - The Daily App Show Details: If you like a movie with one particular actor Movie Genius does NOT automatically think you'll like all the movies they've ever made. Instead, Movie Genius: ● Compares the themes and plots of films ● Makes recommendations based on what movies are actually about ● Doesn't make recommendations based on who is in or who directed movies ● Gives much more realistic recommendations than conventional methods ● Helps you discover thousands of great movies you didn't even know existed! If you use YouTube to watch movie trailers, or iTunes to buy films then this app complements them both perfectly. Users of IMDb, Flixster, Netflix, LOVEFiLM and Rotten Tomatoes will also find this app incredibly useful in recommending new movies to watch. Leaving feedback: We appreciate all feedback, good or bad, but it would really help if you could leave some reasons as to *why* you did or didn't like the app rather than a simple 'good' or 'bad' comment as it will help us enormously in improving the app for others.