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Description Designed to look stunning on the retina display on both the iPad and iPhone, Weather 2x is an entirely new and innovative way to view weather conditions for the locations that matter to you most. With it's distinct design and finally tuned user interface, we are striving to make Weather 2x the definitive weather app for iPad and iPhone. Features Include: ✓ Stunning weather visuals featuring subtle animations ✓ Track, manage and maintain unlimited weather locations around the globe ✓ Current weather conditions ✓ 5 day weather forecast ✓ Hourly weather forecast breakdown ✓ Extended weather information including Precipitation, Visibility, Humidity, and Pressure level details ✓ Wind speed and direction details ✓ Unit of measure conversion including Fahrenheit and Celsius ✓ View current weather conditions for multiple cities with one swipe ✓ Gesture driven interface including swipe, pinch, and tap gestures Gesture Overview: ✓ City overview: Swipe in from the left ✓ Hourly forecast detail: Swipe in from the right ✓ 5 Day forecast: Pinch or double tap primary screen ✓ Extended weather information: Single tap primary screen ✓ Re-sort city: Tap and hold city object to enable dragging ✓ Remove city: Tap and hold city object, then tap the "x" to remove ✓ Refresh weather conditions: Pull down the list of cities and release