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Description A whole new way to enjoy music!

SoundBest Player is the only music player with the ability to match your hearing range.

■ Personalized Sound Technology (Auto Fitting Mode)

AF mode, or Auto Fitting Mode, is a core technology of SoundBest Player.

AF mode is a personalized sound solution that extracts the user's hearing curve and converts it into an optimal equalizer setting value. AF mode matches the sound output levels to a person's hearing allowing them to listen to music more comfortably when applied.

■ Personal Hearing Curve
Every individual experiences a different range of hearing that can be represented by various curves.

It is common for cases of human hearing to be higher or lower than the average level of certain frequency bands.

For example, presbycusis, or the slow loss of hearing with age, causes elderly people to loose their ability to hear high frequency sounds, however, the ability to hear the thick sounds in low frequency bands may be unaffected. Also, people who listen to music at very high volumes can suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. In this case, there are some individuals who loose their ability to hear some sections of low frequency bands.

■ How SoundBest Player AF Mode Works

Here are the steps for how to extract your hearing curve with SoundBest Player:
First, move to a quiet place and plug in your earphones to use for the test.
Make sure that your earphones are in each ear correctly and start the SoundBest app.
Select the middle icon on the icon toolbar for the AF equalizer test.
Once the test begins, tap the OK button on the screen every time you hear the test tone.

The test takes about 90 seconds. Once the test is complete, the hearing curve of the left and right ear will be extracted.

Your extracted personal hearing curve is then converted into an optimized equalizer curve.

Select “Preview” to compare the quality of sound before and after the equalizer curve is applied. By turning the optimized sound “On” and “Off” you will be able to preview your custom AF settings right in SoundBest Player.

Finally, click “Save” to save your personalized AF mode as a preset.

■ SoundBest - Cool Player

In addition to the powerful AF mode, SoundBest provides a variety of features such as stylish design, easy and simple UI, lyrics support, play list synchronization and folder playback. Soundbest Player also offers equalizer presets such as Rock, Vocal, Classic and more.
We field-tested the SoundBest Player app for over 3 years and the majority of users feedback indicated that their sound quality was definitely improved.

Here is some user feedback from the Android version of SoundBest Player:

"Great App Really A great app. Beats Beat Audio… SRS or Dolby Mobile enhanced HTC Music hands down :). Lucky to find it :)"


"Superb Very noticeable improvement on mp3 & flac sound quality. Now my default player."

"Wow... Simply amaaaaayyyyyzing I love it"

Notice: This hearing test is only made for entertainment uses. The AF mode cannot be used to measure hearing ability for medical purposes. If you need any kind of medical test for your hearing please contact your nearest audiologist or otolaryngologist.