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Description Thinking about visiting France? From hiking the Alps to exploring the vineyards of Burgundy, Frommer’s France Day by Day for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on Inkling makes planning simple and enjoyable. As a universal app, you pay one price to get the book on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Optimized for each device, your favorite guide is now always at your fingertips. From planning your itinerary at home using interactive maps or zooming in on photos of vineyards and cathedrals on the plane with your iPad to finding the address for that little cafe you bookmarked with your iPhone, Frommer’s on Inkling is just a tap away. Tap into your curiosity with these features on iPhone and iPad: * Weather window: It’s easy to check on the weather as you read about the day’s activities: just look at the beginning of the chapter. Each featured destination’s four-day weather forecast updates in real time in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. * Gorgeous photography: A picture is worth 1,000 words--so why not let pictures help you figure out where to go? Every chapter begins with a slideshow of the regional or thematic highlights. Tap on what looks interesting, and start learning more. * Interactive itinerary guides: Do more than just read about an itinerary. Use one of 67 tour maps to tap through suggested itineraries and instantly get info along the way. * Layered maps: No more flipping back and forth between the map and the description. Get details, photos, and websites right inside map. Just tap and go. * Links: Anything that looks tappable, is. Instantly go to another section, or learn more from the embedded poplink. You can even go directly to websites mentioned anywhere in the book. * Search: Can’t remember the who, what, when or where? Search anything, and Inkling looks through the whole book—as well as Google and Wikipedia. * Notebook for bookmarks and highlights: Make highlights, and bookmark anything, including pages, maps and websites. It’s all saved to your notebook that lives inside your guide for easy reference. Bonus feature on iPad: * Notes: It’s easy to make notes anywhere in the guide that can even include web links. All notes are also saved to your guide’s searchable and personalized notebook.