Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Flashman Studios LLC
Price Free
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Description The new installment to the original #1 Castle Defense Series. 

 - Pocket Gamer - Bronze Award "This is one castle that's worth defending." - App-Score 8/10 "The game is really addictive,..." ___________________________________________________________ Evil is back and this time YOU control evil King Maelnik along with his mostly undead army! Prepare for Battle & Defend Your Walls! Dabble in your inner evil, play as Dark Lord King Maelnik in Stickwars™ 3, the follow up sequel to the original castle defense game on iOS that started it all. Where we last left off, King Maelnik’s invading army was defeated, making Maelnik sad (and a little dead inside). With his invading army in ruins, what is a newly not dead Evil Overlord to do? Roll up his cowl, raise some bow-toting zombies, cheer up the necromancers and fly his castle right up to King Otto’s door….THAT’S WHAT! Let’s get to the EVIL stuff shall we? FEATURES FINGER FLICKING ACTION IS BACK! Fling, flick and evil your way to victory. MOSTLY UNDEAD ARMY Command Zombie archers and their acid vomit attack. NECROMANCER UNLEASHED 12 available spells like Bone Wall, Necro Bolt, Plague & more 60 CASTLE UPGRADES Deadly defenses like the Rock Giant and Flaming Wall SUMMON THE GRIM REAPER Call upon the Reaper himself to ravage the battlefield. NEW WHEEL OF DESPAIR Spin to win powers like Soul Harvest or Archer Bombs BATTLE NEW FOES Battle Flamer Throwers, Wizards, Mech Bigsticks and more. DEVILISHLY SLICK UI Updated interface and improved graphics Warm up those fingertips, command the ranks of the dark lord Maelnik and flick King Otto’s forces up and down “Humiliation Street.”

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