Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Michael Traunau
Price $1.00
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Description "Join the Navy!", they said. "Lots of fun!", they said. And they were right. Defend your aircraft carrier in this super cool action game. Launch your fighter planes to shoot enemy aircrafts. Sink enemy warships and submarines but watch your fighters - if they run out of fuel, they will be lost forever. Fight for your next promotion to get more planes, bonus weapons and ships. Blast your enemies by using the ultimate nuclear bonus weapon. Innovative and fast-paced gameplay for maximum fun on your mobile! 4 different graphic sets containing islands, radar stations, over 40 unique missions all over the world *** From the makers of Drawbridge and Alien Taxi *** =============================== FEATURES: - FULL GAME CENTER SUPPORT - Over 40 unique missions - different locations (tropical islands, cities,...) - Fast-paced gameplay with lots of explosions - "Faster" Mode for adrenaline junkies - Super smooth animations - Innovative gameplay - Multiple achievements to unlock - Online worldwide scores - Interactive tutorial - Super cool sound effects - Mysterious surprise at the end of the game! ------------------------------ Planned for the future: - even more different enemies - more missions ------------------------------ Thank you very much fo your interest in our games! We would love to hear your suggestions!

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