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Description Share Calendars between any iPhone, iPad, or iTouch! Instructions provided at the end of this description: (or visit Calendar Sync enables multiple users to easily synchronize each others entire calendars even if the devices are registered under separate itunes accounts. It works throughout iPhone, iPad and iTouch platforms. So iCal calendars can be shared between spouses, parents & children, co-workers, the babysitter, or anyone with an iOS device. Calendar Sync organizes and manages the data so that updates are easy, without duplicating events. Moreover, it does all of this by allowing users to sync with an unlimited number of calendars. Undoing is made easy with a feature to Unsync any events that have been added. It also protects a users privacy by letting the user choose to allow or disallow third party sharing of his or her calendar. So if a user wants his or her calendar contained to only one device, the app will not let that user’s calendar be transferred upon subsequent syncing with other parties. Calendar sync now supports syncing of events from cloud based calendars such as a Microsoft Exchange server or other corporate web-mail or server based calendars. Instructions: To be done on both devices simultaneously 1. Open the Calendar Sync app and select the Sync button O (red button on the upper right corner) 2. Select to Sync Events 3. Select a time frame to transfer. Events are now loaded in the queue 4. Select the Transfer button < (red button on the upper left corner) 5. Choose whether to allow your calendar to be shared from the other device with third parties. Yes/No 6. Let devices find each other and accept to connect the devices Yes/No (TIP: Keep the devices several feet apart) 7. Choose whether to identify the origin of the events by replacing any data in the “Location” field with the device source’s name. Yes/No All synced events have now been transferred into iCal. They are also viewable in the queue. If you want to undo any additions, you may do so by selecting the “Unsync” buttons in the queue. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email us at AND PLEASE VISIT for more detailed user guides and troubleshooting.