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Description (FRENCH/GERMAN USERS: Diet Coda may crash when you add a site. If so, set your language to English. We're fixing it now!) What happens when you take the power of Coda, our Mac OS X web code editor, and crunch it down into a powerful, feature-packed iPad package? Introducing Diet Coda, the best way to make quick edits to your websites on the go. A while ago, we were going on vacation, and facing a difficult question: do we take the MacBook, or the iPad? 95% of what we needed was on the iPad, and it felt right to travel light. But what if we needed to fix or post something on our website? We'd be straight out of luck. So, the Macbook was packed. And work on Diet Coda begun. Now, we've made a powerful, feature-packed web editor with a easy-to-use, enjoyable touch interface. Now, we can travel with the iPad and know that we have the tools necessary to do our job. And thanks to AirPreview, now we can put our iPad to great use while it's sitting on our desk at work and we're coding in Coda. Now, we've changed everything. WHAT DOES IT DO? ✔ Remote Editing Edit documents right on your server or staging server. ✔ Powerful FTP and SFTP File Management Open, rename, modify, change permissions, the works. ✔ Sites Quickly get to work on your servers. ✔ Syntax Highlighting HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, more to come. ✔ Revolutionary Super-Loupe Positioning the cursor in iOS isn't fun. We've changed that forever. ✔ Contextual Keyboard The right special characters at the right time. ✔ Clips Insert chunks of code with a single tap. ✔ Find and Replace Including our ground-breaking "Wildcard" token ✔ Built-In Terminal The power of Prompt built-in. A $7.99 value. ✔ Much More Packed with thoughtful touches. AND ONE MORE THING. ★ AirPreview Use your iPad as a dedicated preview window for Coda 2 on the Mac WHAT'LL YOU CODE ON-THE-GO? WE CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT.