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Price Free
Description Are you familiar with this situation: You're in a new city and your fuel tank nearly empty…! Where is the closest gas station?! The “FIND FUEL” application will help you! This application allows you to find your nearest gas and petrol stations in almost all countries. Features: - Automatically finds the nearest gas stations when you launch application - “Current location” selector shows your current location on the map - “Gas station” icon shows all available gas stations in the area and distance to them. - Tapping on the gas station LOGO gives further details (directions, more information of available services, phone numbers and more.) - “Gas station filter” use it to find your favorite brand! Just remove logo from the list or add it. - “Globe” switches to hybrid map. - “Map” shows standard map view . - “Refresh” updates information in your screen. It will save you time, if you want to search for gas stations out of your current area. Don't wait till your gas runs out. Download now and be prepared. Happy driving! Disclaimer: Find Fuel uses Google Places API to get gas stations. The developer makes no assurance on the accuracy, relevancy and correctness of the data provided by the Google Places API.