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Description Accept credit card payments on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. PayAnywhere is a free credit card processing app and free credit card reader which allows you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 2.69% per swipe. Pay only when you process with no monthly minimums or monthly fees. Receive funds within 2 business days of processed sales. Accept credit cards anytime, anywhere, and from anyone. From fundraisers to yard sales to retail stores, PayAnywhere is perfect for any size business. PayAnywhere is powered by North American Bancard, an industry leader in credit card processing for more than 135,000 merchants nationwide. Sign up in a matter of minutes: •Download PayAnywhere for free •Set up a merchant account by applying online or call 1.877.387.5640 •Start processing credit card payments, even before you receive your free credit card reader. Features: •Free app, free credit card reader •2.69% per swiped transaction •No monthly minimum, no cancellation fees, no hidden fees •Secure encrypted transactions adhering to PCI compliance •Customer Service and Technical Support 24/7, online and over the phone •Accept and record cash payments •Add discounts, tips, and tax •GeoTax feature automatically calculates sales tax based on GPS location •Cash Drawer functionality available •AirPrint and Star thermal printer compatibility •Create an easy-to-access inventory of products/services •Built-in reporting to view sales trends •Free Merchant Portal for detailed account activity Learn more about mobile credit card processing at or contact us directly at 1.877.387.5640. Connect with us at