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Price $10.00
Description Take your business paperless! Type on PDF Pro extends the features of our highly successful Type on PDF platform by allowing you to make smart fields and templates on top of your existing PDF forms. It is like combing an excel spreadsheet and an html form on top of PDF. This app is essential for businesses looking to go paperless and mobile by replacing their existing paper forms with a smart, dynamic version that looks exactly like the paper form, but works completely electronically. A full-featured app like this can not be described adequately with words. Please watch the demo video by touching the support link or going to to get a full description of what the app can do and how it works. Features -Universal app that works on all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch - Smart fields that can do calculation from other fields with endless possibilities of field definitions -Integration with cloud-based data sources and websites using SSL -Make templates of documents with all form fields pre-set for easy completion -Lock templates so your field definitions can't be changed and share them with other users -Multiple pen color choices including a hi-liter and eraser -Multiple text fonts, colors, and sizes and easy movement of typed text -PDFs generated for sending have your annotations embedding into the base image of the document for increased security -Storage of all sent documents for easy retrieval -Send multiple documents at once -Pan and Zoom -Works in any device orientation -Multiple Undos -Transfer exported PDFs to your DropBox or any other apps that accept PDFs -Print documents on iOS 4.2 or later PLEASE NOTE: If Type on PDF Pro will not show up in your Open In list when opening PDF Files: This is a long-standing bug in iOS that affects a small number of people that limits the number of apps that show up in the open in list to 10. This bug not only affects our app but any app that opens documents. Unfortunately the only resolution at this time is to start deleting the apps that do show up in the list one by one until our app shows up. We have filed a bug report to Apple regarding this and hopefully they will have it corrected soon. We have built in a back-door fix into Type on PDF. If you change the file extension of the PDF file from .pdf to .tpd then the app will show up in the Open In list.