Current Version Version: 2.1
Developer Zee 3 Limited
Price $1.00
Filed Under Games
Age rating 4+
  • iPhone (Original)
  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3G S
  • iPad


The #1 hit sports / puzzle game, nominated for a prestigious video game BAFTA award, and a Pocket Gamer 2012 award, named one of the 100 Greatest Apps Of All Time by Tap! Magazine, crowned App Madness Tournament Champion in Sept. 2011, recipient of a Gold Medal from Pocket Gamer and with a Metacritic of 81. When veteran video game designers John and Ste Pickford discovered a mysterious bundle of papers hidden in the family attic, who could have guessed it would lead to one of the best new modern puzzle games in years? To John and Ste's delight their work revealed an addictive, compelling, and completely original strategic puzzle game, which they named 'Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint'. The game plays very much like pool, using intuitive touch controls. The twist is that balls of the same colour stick together magnetically when they touch. Magnetic Billiards tables have no pockets, instead balls are removed by building clusters of connected balls, with extra rewards for creating recognised cluster shapes. Points are scored based on the skill displayed and risks taken each shot, and grades are awarded for the total score earned when a table is cleared. Clearing a table is the easy part. Trying to earn high scores and achieve high grades is where the surprising genius of the game becomes apparent. Sure, anyone can beat an F grade, but will you ever get an A grade? Is there a higher grade than A? Can you unlock all the tables? Although easy to play the game is fiendishly addictive, as the simple game mechanic is deceptively subtle and deep. Even after months of play you'll still be figuring out new ways to beat your previous best scores and grades. As you aim for higher and higher you'll realise that no two games of Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint are ever alike. Re-playing each table presents you with an endlessly fascinating challenge, as new strategic decisions need to be made with every shot to maximise the points earned. --- What the press are saying: "Its magic though comes from Nintendo-esque levels of refinement, with each table a honed masterpiece of risk and opportunity" - The Guardian "an original gameplay concept, tweaked to near-perfection, and steeped in character. This is what indie gaming should be" - Pocket Gamer 9/10 - Gold Award "combines elements of billiards and match three in a crazy way that is incredibly fun" - Touch Arcade ★★★★½ "Yes, we like it a lot, especially because its so well made. ...this is captivating, quality gaming that you really shouldnt miss." - Tap! Magazine ★★★★★ "Generous, polished and charmingly eccentric" - EDGE 8/10 "it's incredibly simple but alarmingly addictive once you get going." - Eurogamer 8/10 "Absolutely essential for anyone with an iOS device" - The Telegraph Read ALL our reviews here: --- Packed with great features and content: • Classic Game has 20 graded 'Casual' tables to unlock, requiring skill and careful play to earn the highest grades. • An additional 3 graded tables each from the 'Serious', 'Tricky' and 'Fiendish' sets, to test your skill even further. • 'Relentless' Arcade game, an addictive and endless mode to keep you playing between Classic Game tables. • Full Game Center support with several Leaderboards and dozens of Achievements to discover. Addition optional expansions can be purchased in-game, including new content and new game modes: • Two more Arcade Games - 'Sardines' and 'Countdown', addictive and fast-paced game variations. • The key to 17 extra 'Serious' tables, offering a deeper challenge. • The key to 17 extra 'Tricky' tables where the game starts to get tough. • The key to 17 extra 'Fiendish' tables for only the most advanced players. • A one time only purchase of a 'Skeleton Key

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