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Author Martin Hughes
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Description **ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH IPAD2 AND THE NEW IPAD** **ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY** Reached #2 in the US iPad Book Charts! Monster has lost his socks! Journey through this interactive storybook helping Monster cross streams, seas and outer space to find those lost socks. Music and narration by Bob Schneider. ★★★★★ by fish mitten Some of the characters and writing in this charming little story could have come out of an alternate universe version of Pixar. ★★★★★ by Dr Congo Beautifully animated and written with a wonderfully simple control method that helps elevate this above the majority of kids' storybooks on the iPad. ★★★★★ by NicoleÖ I'd say this book is the benchmark other interactive books should strive for. ★★★★★ by Karialec Amazing app. Great art style, excellently narrated, cute story. I like the option to have it read or sung. ★★★★★ by Dannyson3213 This app is crazy amazing I'm the father of a 4 year old and I love this app, and so does my girl. Please guys make more many more.

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